Telemarketing is still recognised as one of the leading direct marketing channels, largely as it can lift response rates from other media by over 20%. We all know that people buy from people, and even a voice connection is a vital step in your marketing activity. Research has shown that it takes 8-12 ‘touches’ to convert a sales prospect, and that, on average, 5.4 people are involved in the buying process. However, for telemarketing to be successful, it needs to be undertaken in an intelligent way, by an experienced team who have detailed knowledge of the business’s products and services. They need to be able to build rapport, inform, and manage objections. They need to have the skills to ask open questions, listen to responses and discuss intelligently.

Accepting the telemarketing should be part of any marketing strategy, why would you consider outsourcing to an external supplier?


Finding the ideal candidate to fulfil the role can be difficult. Recruitment can be a lengthy process. A reputable telemarketing company often has a low turnover of staff, and a team who have a wealth of experience in telemarketing. They may already have some experience in your specific sector. They will definitely have the necessary telemarketing skills. This will enable you to get your project set-up and running much more quickly than recruiting for the role.

Increase Productivity:

Instead of spending precious time and effort on setting up and managing an in-house team  outsourcing allows you to focus on other areas of the business that need attention. You may also find that your sales team are more productive and efficient in securing sales when they don’t spend time on telemarketing duties. We often find that experienced sales staff are reluctant to undertake telemarketing as they want to focus on sales meetings and closing deals.


When the telemarketing is outsourced you can have suggested flexible pricing plans to suit your specific needs. A full-time telemarketing role may deliver too many appointments for your field sales resource, you may have a season product or service, or indeed need to increase your internal activity. By outsourcing your telemarketing to can have the resource available to you when you need it most.


For any investment in services you will want to see what impact and return your investment is generating. Outsourced telemarketing will enable you to receive transparent reports, pipeline of opportunities, reports on metrics that are important to you as a business. The majority of telemarketing is spent profiling and cleansing data to ensure every opportunity passed to you is as qualified as possible. Building your businesses profile and brand awareness coupled with an effective sales or marketing message is the real inherent value of any outbound activity. Being able to see who and what industries you have penetrated, proactively targeting these prospects and reacting to the market’s changes and reactions to your messaging is crucial.


A good telemarketing company will already have the right technology in place to effectively manage the processes involved in a telemarketing campaign, from managing calls, reporting, call monitoring and records, through accurate and informative reporting on progress and opportunities. Investment which is costly for a small internal team.


Whilst professional outbound telemarketing may look costly as an initial outlay it is often not compared to what the “real” in house cost implications are, including recruitment, training, equipment, office space, sick pay, holiday pay, plus salary and taxes. By outsourcing you instantly gain professional, experienced telemarketers to raise awareness on your business, brand, product or service, generating a pipeline of opportunities and delivering face to face appointments for you or your sales team to go out and meet.

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