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With over 30 years of experience, and relevant qualifications, here at Your Telemarketing, we have developed training programmes specific to the telemarketing industry. You will learn how telemarketing fits in your marketing strategy, what makes telemarketing work, key telemarketing skills, plus design a call guide for an active campaign to get you set-up and ready to start making calls immediately. We have 3 options to suit all businesses and budgets.

Your Telemarketing training solutions include:

  • Half day open courses, ideal for any small business to build understand how telemarketing can fit into their marketing model.

  • In-house, on-going sales support, customised to your specific needs. Ideal for businesses with a small team.

  • Your Business Development Hub, our monthly, low cost sales club for solopreneurs and business owners.

Prices start at £50. Which one will you choose?

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