Lay the foundations of great business development through outsourced telemarketing

Experience counts:
Recruiting a sales professional can be frustrating and time consuming. We’ve done the hard work for you, assigning the perfect team for your business model, with training and project consultancy thrown in. You’ll have a dedicated, experienced team working for you to increase sales figures and profits.

Leading the way to a better sales funnel:

Take back the time you would spend setting up and managing an in-house telephone marketing team. Outsourcing telemarketing leaves your sales staff free to focus on sales strategy and meeting conversions. With us doing the ground work, you’ll have a guaranteed telemarketing sales funnel.

Scale to new heights:

Imagine having a sales department on tap that can scale up or down in line with your business needs. Seasonal products or service, delivering defined projects, or following up leads after a trade show, outsourcing telemarketing means you can shape your outbound marketing to fit your needs.

Invest in your vision:
Looking for clear return on investment? Outsourced telemarketing will deliver a pipeline of opportunities with bespoke reports on the metrics that are most important to you as a business. Pre-defined KPIs facilitate segmented targeting to produce compliant data and bring you qualified leads ready for easy conversion.

Tap in to technology:

You don’t need to invest in costly additional IT resources to ramp up your sales strategy. A good telemarketing company will already have the right technology in place to effectively record, manage and audit the telemarketing process, providing a real-time, detailed dashboard of opportunities and delivery.

Do the math:

Compare professional outbound telemarketing costs to the cost implications of keeping it in-house, including recruitment, training, equipment, office space, and payroll. By outsourcing you instantly gain professional, experienced telemarketers to help build your brand, generate opportunities and deliver on your behalf. Adding up to a sound investment.


Our telemarketing services consist of:

  • Data Acquisition

  • CTPS Checking

  • Data Cleansing

  • Brand awareness

  • Lead generation & appointment setting

  • Market research

  • Integrating with your other tactics

Intelligent telemarketing
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