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Telemarketing Services | FAQ’s

A. When undertaking outbound calls we would expect to make around 60 attempts at calling per day, which usually reaches around 25-30% of contacts. From this contact rate we would expect to deliver up to one appointments per day or generate two to three leads.

A. Depending on the complexity of the answer we will agree to call the prospect back with the details unless we feel it would be more beneficial for our client to call the prospect back, in which case we will make the necessary telephone appointment.

A. Yes. In order to make appointments on your behalf, we would need to discuss how many appointments you and your sales teams can manage in any one week. This allows us to help plan your resources wisely. We are also most efficient if we have access to your calendar.

A. We will happily work with any database, however, we advise that the quality of the data seriously impacts on the campaign performance. We will make you aware very early on if we are spending too much time data cleaning when we should be generating leads.

A. We will provide you with any changes or updates that we make to your database, along with any purchases that we make on your behalf.

A. It takes at least two days of calling to build product awareness and generate momentum. We therefore recommend that all projects should be considered as a regular investment, even if our services are employed for just 1 to 2 days per week for a period of three months.

A. Your Telemarketing has worked with a broad and diverse range of clients, allowing us to prove our success rate no matter what industry it concerns. Our telemarketing services have been used by clients in the leisure, charity, automotive, financial, commercial cleaning and media sectors, with such clients as The Times, The Guardian, BBC Worldwide, St James’ Place and Nuffield Health.

A. We understand that outsourcing telemarketing services is very different to doing the work internally, mainly because you are unable to keep an eye on the work being carried out. This is why we carry out regular reporting to keep you up to date with what we are doing. Throughout the process we can also collect and advise you of additional information about the respondent, providing you with a pipeline of further opportunities.

A. Firstly, we target the right people. There is nothing more irritating than a sales call that has no relevance to you at all. With our expertise in data sourcing and management, we can effectively and efficiently target the people your business will be of interest to. Depending on this market, we can also research the best time to make the call – a far cry from sales agents who insist on interrupting dinner time!

A. In theory nothing, but in reality we are guessing the answer is time! The questions to ask yourself are; how many calls do you make on a daily basis? Would you call a prospect at least five times? Do you know your prospect’s name? Do you consider the best time to call your prospects? If you tick all of these boxes, it might be worth considering what the free time would mean to your business if you were to outsource these tasks.

A. We are very transparent about our rates, which all available on our services page. Our packages are all fully inclusive of set-up, training, call costs and reporting along side the telemarketing days.

A. We don’t attempt to ‘get around’ PAs, but rather work with these professional people, who are very highly regarded by their bosses, to identify the best way and time to get in touch.

A. We can guarantee to provide you with the best lead generation service possible. Every service, product, company is different, and thus the results for each campaign will vary. We will work with you to ensure that we are generating the best possible results.

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