For telemarketing teams, industry standard B2B contact rate pre-covid was 20-25%, although our analysis showed that Your Telemarketing were achieving closer to 30%. Now that businesses are back into full swing, in whatever new format that may be, it is quite clear that this statistic is now aspirational! Recent analysis of our own achievement indicate a 24-26% contact rate. Reaching decision makers has become even more challenging for 2 reasons.

Firstly there have been a higher than average change in roles over the last 2 years, meaning that the contacts in client and prospect databases have left at a faster rate than previously expected. Sometimes that contact hasn’t been replaced and roles may have merged.

Secondly there remains a high proportion of working from home with many businesses now having implemented a hybrid model of working. This has led to contacts being uncontactable via the telephone, or at least, gate keepers relaying such information.

The problem of reaching decision makers however, is far from insurmountable. What is now required is an even more diligent telemarketing team, and an integrated marketing strategy. Businesses will be reaching their contacts via multiple channels, raising awareness, so that when the telemarketing team call, their approach is much warmer and more likely to be accepted. This doesn’t negate the fact that the 8-12 touches will still be required to reach decision makers, requiring a team who are persistent and assertive without being aggressive.

It is also time to embrace the ‘influencer’, the contact who will be doing the leg work in terms of research  when it comes to acquiring a new product or service, and who will be vital in recommending your company.

Additionally, it’s worth considering a data cleansing and enhancement project, which is also lead generating, to ensure that you have the correct contacts in the roles that you are looking for. It is pretty standard to have MD, FD, Marketing Manager, IT Manager & HR Manager, however if your decision maker doesn’t fall neatly into one of these categories, a pre-cleanse campaign is advisable.

Is your telemarketing team finding it harder to reach decision makers?