Since the new GDPR legislation became effective the importance of using accurate, up to date information has never been more vital. There are a number GDPR rules which apply to telephone direct marketing, and ensuring you don’t call businesses which are registered with the CTPS, although not new, is one of them. Your Telemarketing are now able to offer you the ability to check your data against the CTPS.

You only need to check your marketing prospect base against the register, not your clients, however this must be done every 28 days, in case of new registrations.

Your Telemarketing can securely check your data against the register and return results within 4 hours:

  • Improve contact rates and increase conversions
  • Make your teams more efficient and improve morale
  • Reduce complaints
  • Comply with GDPR and avoid fines

Your Telemarketing will help you to remain compliant.

How can I access CTPS register