How can businesses benefit by signing the Armed Forces Covenant?

During 2019 Your Telemarketing signed the Armed Forces Covenant, as part of our CSR policy to support of the whole military community. We went on to become Bronze award winners. Within weeks, we were offered an amazing opportunity; to send 2 of our future leaders on a complimentary Leadership development day, run by the Army for civilians. One of our delegates, Claire Sadler, shared her experience of the day.

“The day started with a very insightful seminar; What did we think made a good or bad leader and why? In groups, we discussed our thoughts – a great leader leads by example, isn’t afraid to speak up, is loyal, dedicated and welcomes team thoughts and contributions.

After the seminar, the day was filled with a mixture of practical activities; from building a wheelbarrow out of Meccano to a woodland observation exercise.  Not only did we have a great deal of fun, but the leadership values and core ethics became apparent with each task.  Each session instilled the leadership values expected from the military. Every member of the army that I spoke to that day carried these leadership traits as a badge of honour.  Each leader had such different personalities but each held the ethics of a great leader close to their hearts and in every task they complete with their team.

After my recent promotion to Office Manager, I fully intend to embrace the armed forces culture and ideals of what makes a good leader.  I carry years of experience in many areas but believe there is always room to learn more”

How Your Telemarketing benefits from signing the Armed Forces Covenant