Some of the Your Telemarketing team

In a climate of continued uncertainty of how Brexit will affect the economy and employment, local business Your Telemarketing, a Future50 business, continues to flourish. MD, Laura Morrison, attributes this largely to having a great team working with her. “My staff are amazing. They are dedicated to each and every client that we work for, as well as supporting each other.”

Based in Bury St Edmunds, Your Telemarketing offers flexible sales support to other small and medium sized businesses. “The nature of our offering means that I am able to offer flexible working options to my team,” reported Laura. “I’m delighted to say that of my team of 8, 7 work part-time, to fit in around their personal circumstances.” 

The national average, according to the CIPD, of employees on flexible working is 54%. Your Telemarketing is delighted that over 87% of the team are on flexible working. Part-time hours fit well with the company’s business model, but more than that, the staff are more highly motivated, less stressed and can maintain their work/life balance. “It also means I have a high staff retention rate”, said Laura “which allows me to continue to grow the business with well trained staff behind me. I’m so pleased to be able to offer employment in the local community.”