To support the activities provided by Your Telemarketing, Suzanne MacDonald-Carr ran her ‘6 Steps to Build a Better Business Seminar’ for our customers and prospects.

With active participation, the lively session provided inspiration to move businesses forward:

Guy Seaborn of Bartercard said:

“I just wanted to send a big thank you to you and Suzanne for a very enjoyable morning. I was impressed by the amount covered and I really liked the idea of blending your service with Suzanne’s.”

Whilst Jane Johnston of CB8 commented:

“Really enjoyed Friday morning seminar.  Very inspirational.  I downloaded “Instant Cashflow” over the weekend and have been reading!! Suzanne is such a good speaker. “

The educational, motivational and entertaining seminar was well attended, providing business owners with key tips on:

* What are the 6 Steps & how do you move their business to the top.

* How to gain control of their time, team and money.

* How to turn their marketing into an investment, not an expense.

* How to multiply their customers, revenue and profits.

* How to leverage team, systems, technology & marketing.

* How to recruit, motivate and retain a Winning Team of employees.

Suzanne MacDonald-Carr  is ActionCOACH’s Award winning local Master Business Coach and a Director of the international Business Coaching Institute and has experience in sales & marketing, customer services & retention, team building and strategic planning at Senior Management level. She has worked in a number of industries, including telecommunications, retail, life sciences, health & wellness, e-commerce, insurance and banking. For more information visit

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