Not all calls are a nuisance.

You may have heard the welcome news that from the 6th April, the Information Commissioner is to make fining companies who make nuisance calls easier by lifting the legal requirement to prove “substantial damage or substantial distress”. We have all experienced the annoyance of repeated calls for solar panels, boilers and PPI. And who hasn’t had a call regarding ‘their recent RTA’. The same company called me repeatedly, despite the fact that I wasn’t in the vehicle at the time!

However, if you need to sell your products and solutions, telemarketing is still ranked in the top 10 marketing strategies. Good quality telemarketing is available, from reputable call centres and telemarketing agencies based here in the UK who don’t undertake ‘nuisance’ calls. So how should you choose a telemarketing agency to support your marketing efforts:

  • Ensure all the data they are using is TPS or CTPS checked
  • Pay for time not results
  • Understand their staff’s skill set
  • Enquire about their training programme
  • Look for companies who incentivise their staff creatively – not on a results basis
  • Ask for recommendations, testimonials and references
  • Seek visibility through their reporting system

Did you know that the Information Commissioners Office is currently looking for an agency to undertake telemarketing to complete a survey. How do you think they will choose their supplier?