Your Telemarketing Spider

“I have known Laura for several years now, firstly as a fellow Avanti networker, secondly as a client, thirdly as a supplier, and finally as a friend….somebody who I can trust in business, as I always value her opinion. Laura’s ethical approach to business should be admired, and it certainly is by me, and my team here at Spider.

She knows that building long term relationships is absolutely key to the success of her business, but I also feel she does it because she genuinely cares and really wants to. She has always been a huge Michelle and Spider fan, and her support has come at some pretty low times in my life….she has probably helped me more than what she knows or realises. When somebody as credible as Laura Morrison gives you a voucher of confidence, it is not to be ignored, and I value that hugely and wholeheartedly. I have used her services in the early days of Spider, and would certainly use it again. I have recommended her to many clients, all who have relayed to me how happy they were with her approach and service.

She is a super, super person, and I feel very grateful to be part of her circle. Well done Laura I wish you every success moving forward, you deserve every single iota of it.”


Michelle Pollard – MD, Spider Web Recruitment