Our newest team member, Sam, shares what it is like to be an apprentice at Your Telemarketing!

I get into the office at around 8:30am; I immediately switch on the heating and make myself a coffee – starting the day warm & with caffeine in your system is always better! I then turn my PC on and check my emails so I know exactly what I am doing for the day.

From then I either start calling new prospects or I do the email & social media campaigns; which involves designing an email template from scratch using MailChimp, or posting news updates to our LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter pages. I enjoy the social media & email work most because it allows me to express my creativity, especially in designing the email templates; choosing colour schemes, editing photos, coming up with copy that will sell etc.

Throughout the day I may do 3 or 4 different email and social media campaigns, although sometimes it may just be one – depending on the complexity or the depth needed on said campaign. I have also recently taken on the management of the Your Telemarketing website, so I do the news articles, the testimonials, the team pages and various other things.

Sometimes I will do a full day on one specific area, whether that be; social media, calling, emailing, or web design, but on others I will do multiple areas just to make sure things get done.

If there is any down time, I will do some Key Training. This is work provided by the Apprenticeship Company and acts as a kind of coursework to help you gain your qualification, and too widen your skill set. I find it quite helpful as sometimes when my MD is away I will have questions on what certain things mean, but instead of sitting there stumped, I can refer back to my Key Training work to help me find the correct way of doing a task.

I find Your Telemarketing a very enjoyable place to work in, the whole team gets along with one another and there is always someone who is willing to lend a hand if you are stumped or are having difficulties. The office is never short of a laugh or a witty comment, but at all times getting work done is very important to us and the clients.